From Bergdorf's New Fall Missoni Collection:

A glimpse of Missoni's pre-Fall collection, new at Bergdorf Goodman. I actually tried this Ribbed Dress (at left) in Montreal last month (they pulled it from the 'special' back room as it had just arrived) and loved it. Now I have to admit, I am not yet a Missoni girl, I've always been a little scared of too much pattern and color...I know, I know, I'm so 'boring New York clad in black girl', but its true. So when I tried this dress it was a happy medium, dabbling in a little Missoni without all the color. Now some might argue, 'whats the point then'?, but even without the color you still get that wonderful Missoni fabric weave and delicate blend of silk and wool to pull off a beautiful shape and hang to the dress. Soooo for those of you that have not yet forayed into the world of Missoni, I would suggest this dress as a nice stepping-stone. I've heard like Louis Vuitton's it becomes an addiction! And hey there are far worse addictions than buying valuable, collectible, highly re-saleable pieces such as Missoni clothes and Louis Vuitton bags, right? Or at least that what I tell myself!

A few more pieces below:

Cashmere Turtleneck. With Ruching, love it!

Dotted-Striped Dress. So chic. So easy, just add tights and boots and your done.

Have a wonderful weekend dahlings!
xo, BG


chinchilla said...

Love "The Avengers" look with the black turtleneck! Hot and dangerous!

i agree with you Bergdorf Girl, the colors in the above dress are not the same bold colors of a traditional Missoni dress, but the pattern and the ribbed texture of the dress is still very cool! It's a more subtle look, that's all..

Hmm.... I wonder if Pucci has done something similar or if not, if the y would ever depart from their psychedelic colors and patterns!

the lipstick lady said...

i love that last dress, so cute

Michele. said...

hey b.g. you're back. sorry i missed you on the east coast.

i bought a miss. dress at the winter sale at foreign affair. wool. very war,. but love it. subtle. grey, with pink and green in the pleats of the skirt. love it and will have it forever. waiting to see if any of the summer miss. goes on sale. speaking of... might have to head downtown.

ps. still thinking about the BIG bag!!!