Chloe's take on the High-Waist.: LOVE IT!

Continuing on in the theme of the High-Waist pant, I couldn't resist posting items from Chloe's new Spring/Summer line which prominently features the high waist. I think these are beautiful outfits and really give you a feel for how you could put together tops and bottoms with the higher waist.

P.S. I LOVE this whole collection, seriously I want it all. I don't think I've ever been this enthusiastic about one 'whole' collection.

Below, other 'high-waisted' pieces from SS07:

850 Madison Avenue, NYC, NY
Hours: M-Sat, 10-6pm

Available at:
Bergdorf Goodman (US)
Saks Fifth Avenue

Harvey Nichols (UK)

Le Bon Marche (FR)

Brown Thomas (IR)

AND online everywhere in the world at Net-a-Porter , Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman.


Olsen 'Pics of the day' and Going the Way of Annie Hall, Wide-Leg, High-Waisted Pants

Ashley earlier in the week in LA. Still loving the black look. Still adore the bag.

MK yesterday in LA. Sporting a decidedly different look than that as of late (for the record though, she has worn these pants earlier in the year, see photo below). Trouser pants are in. They have been on the radar since last spring, but I have not seen many sporting the look. They were seen all over the runway. Higher waists and wider legs. I love this look (tho I still love skinny jeans) and it definitely gives a more equal opportunity wearing option for all body types. Definitely more forgiving. I recently got a beautiful pair of vintage French wool trousers in Maroon. I love the trouser look. What do you all think?
PS I want a gold Rolex too.

MK earlier in the year.

Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. The start of a Pants Revolution.

From the runway:
Spring 2007 RTW. Tibi. New York Shows.

Spring 2007 RTW. Temperley. New York Shows.

And a few options for you:
Fendi High-Waisted Crepe Trouser from Net-a-Porter.

Pascle Trouser from Anlo (on the left), our skinny friends from Habitual on the right, not to be left out. Available on 5F at Bergdorf Goodman. They have a great, great selection of high-waisted jeans from Anlo (one of my favorite jean companies, based here in NYC).

High Waist Cinch Back Trousers from Topshop.

Mark your Calendars for May 8th: Kate Moss's Topshop Collection Hits Barneys Co-op in NYC

The much-anticipated collection which drops May 1st at the flagship Oxford Circus London store (always a madhouse, can't imagine what it will be like May 1st) will be available a week later here in NYC at Barneys Co-op. Kate herself will make an appearance on the day of. I am sure this will be a big scene, I really do want a few of the pieces though. I suppose I will brave the masses. Oh and I keep hearing rumours of the opening of a Topshop here in the city later in the year. Anyone have any updates??

Fashion Week Daily reports on the collaboration:

Topshop is a lower-end mass store that offers a lot of style; Barneys is an upscale luxury store that offers high style,” said Julie Gilhart. “What we both share is a love of style.”

“Kate’s style is so much of a Barneys style, so it’s like having a peek into her closet,” Gilhart compared. “But the most important thing is that we buy produce first, regardless of designer or name.”

Check out ShopDiary for shots from British Vogue of the new collection.

Below: Topshop's podcast of behind the seams work with Kate on the new collection.


Great Vintage Store on the Lower East Side: "Don the Verb"

You know I am a huge vintage shopper. So a few months ago when I stumbled upon a new store, Don the Verb, I was terribly excited. Yanina who runs the shop has a great selection of streamlined pieces, all carefully picked to represent a superb offering of sharp tailoring and impeccable taste. She has a wonderful collection of vintage French hair bows, stunning bags and great coat collection among other items. For those in the trade, there is also an archive of rare and exciting vintage French couture, 80's London street fashion and more for shoots and the like. Newly opened (in the Fall) I encourage all of you to stop by.

For those of you from out of town/country (which I know there are a great many) below and above is a selection of beautiful shots from the website showcasing some of her pieces for your fashion inspiration.

Note the alligator bag in the 3rd shot, I nearly bought this, its an amazing bag. Very Chanel-like in its boxish shape but in wild alligator like you can't find today. I believe it was around 365$, maybe a bit more, an excellent price anyway.

Aren't these photos great? Talk about evoking old world glamour, right?


Located on 61 Delancey Street (between Allen and Eldridge). Take the F, J, M or Z to the Essex Street stop. Walk 3 and 1/2 blocks west on Delancey. Voila, there you are. By phone you can reach DTV at (212)219-7633.


Things that are absent: me watching "The Hills" and my Morabito

So, went all the way uptown to Artbag to pick up my Morabito, and it's not ready yet....whah. Annoy-ing, esp since they said it was ready. Anyway pictures on Weds, when I'm going back to pick it up (for real, cross my fingers). Saw some adorable vintage Chanel earrings at Encore...had to stop myself, if I'm still thinking about them in two days we'll see. Apparently Jackie O, used to shop there...

Got home late and ended up missing 'The Hills". Fill me in, not sure if I can wait til the re-run.

Still thinking about the earrings.

They were clear Lucite with a black background and tiny pearls and double C's embedded within. They were likely from the 50's but interestingly had the look of recent collections I've seen, especially with the use of the Lucite. Very modern. Oh dear, this whole Chanel jewelry thing is getting out of hand. I will post my other recent Chanel finds this week....they are all in her characteristic gold metal....which is what made these all the more appealing as they were light and didn't weigh my ear down...

Goodnight my dears, dream of Chanel.


Olsen 'Pic of the Day'

MK in LA on Friday...

Love the lumberjack-chic look. I have always had a thing for old plaid shirts w/bits of red in them, like vintage Ralph Lauren in his Western themed styles. I used to "borrow" them from my dad's I cop them from my beau.

Note the Louboutins. I wannnnnt a pair. So sexy.

Judy Chicago's "The Dinner Party" finds a permanent home and the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art opens.

Exciting news; Judy Chicago's famous feminist artwork "The Dinner Party" has finally found a permanent home:The Brooklyn Museums newly created and opened (Friday!) Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art.

After 30 years of being moved around from different display spaces and in storage, the exhibit will finally come to rest. The Center's 8,300-square-foot space encompasses a gallery devoted to The Dinner Party; a biographical gallery to present exhibitions highlighting the women represented in The Dinner Party; a gallery space for a regular exhibition schedule of feminist art; a computerized study area; and additional space for the presentation of related public and educational programs.

Sunday's events at the Musuem:

Special Event: Global Feminisms Artists' Talks and Performances

11:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, 4th Floor

In conjunction with the exhibition Global Feminisms, feminist artists from more than fifty countries discuss or perform their works. Talks and performances take place every half-hour.

Talks and Tours: "The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago and the Dramatic Story of How It Twice Came to Brooklyn"

1:00 p.m.–2:00 p.m.

Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Auditorium, 3rd Floor

The talk is given by Gail Levin, Professor of Art History at Baruch College and CUNY Graduate Center. A signing of Levin's new book, Becoming Judy Chicago: A Biography of the Artist, follows. Spaces are limited. Free tickets (with Museum admission) are distributed on a first-come-first-served basis. Maximum of two tickets per person.

Music: Music Off the Walls "Feminism in Music"

3:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m.

Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Auditorium, 3rd Floor

In conjunction with the grand opening of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, members of the Brooklyn Philharmonic present works by women from the 1980s to the present. Tickets $15; $10 for Museum Members. For information or to purchase tickets, call (718) 488-5913 or visit


Style File: Love the Olsen Twins

Every time I see a photo of either of the Olsen twins I am so inspired. I just adore their style. I love the textures, the use of lots of black, a hint of color (in the red bottom of a Christian Louboutin or red nails), bits of fur and the most beautiful bags. The bag that MK has been carrying lately is SO awesome (see the two pics above and below) and it reminds me of my Morabito....(which btw is ready to be picked up from Artbag....I'm SO excited) so classic, will last forever and just timeless in that old Hollywood glamour way. I will post a pic of my Morabito next week.

Anyway, thought I'd post a whack of Olsen inspiration as the weather is FINALLY warming (well a bit, at least here on the East Coast) and we can trade our bulky layers for soft flow-y layers and dress how we'd like instead of how we must in order to deal with the weather. Love the mix of vintage with cutting edge glam. Very avant-garde chic. Obviously I don't agree with those that think they have terrible style, or maybe I just like the whole "geriatric Russian Hooker" look as it has been referred to.

Elements of Olsen style:

  • Hot bag
  • Oversize Sunglasses
  • Great heels/boots/flats
  • Lots of black
  • Artistic layering
  • Costume jewelry
  • Skinny jeans
  • Long scarves
  • Vintage fur
  • Messy hair
  • Tights
  • Small touches of color (red lipstick/nails, jewelry, shoes, sunglasses, scarves)

Places to shop:
  • Vintage for Ray-Bans (Wayfarer)
  • Chanel, Hermes, Fendi, for purses. If you want to skip the wait-list on the Birkin check out Fisch for the Hip on 18th street ( 212-633-9053), they carry a steady supply of barely/never used Birkins.
  • Vintage for fantastic bags. Try Don the Verb on the Lower East Side, they have beautiful vintage croc bags and some great 40's finds.
  • Vintage for fur coats and swing coats
  • Wolford for the highest quality black tights, zillions of delicate pattern options to spice things up
  • Vintage for costume jewelry or try Chanel for great new pieces each season or H&M for fun pieces of the moment.
  • Your local thrift store, if you've got a good eye there are treasures galore to be found.

Fendi Bucket Purse. Love it!

Fendi Suede Bucket Bag


For all you Mums out there!! My New-Vintage Silver Cross Pram.

So first-off, I'll let you know, I am not a mom...nor am I pregnant...but still my obsession for fashion rolls over to baby-ware too, cute accessories, the best French baby clothing labels (my favorites are Tartine et Chocolat and Bonpoint) and of course baby bags (is this what they are called? anyway...whatever...they are just another form of bags!!) and of course the coolest strollers.

So imagine my delight when yesterday while thrifting for vintage treasures I laid my eyes upon a genuine Silver Cross British Pram. These are the Bentley of all baby-mobiles (or to put it in fashion-speak the Birkin of strollers). They are simply so well-crafted and last for generations. In England the tradition is to pass the Pram down from mother to daughter/son and so on. I had to have it. So now I am proudly the owner of a beautiful navy blue Pram from Silver Cross. It's on display in my living room, yes I realize this will require a bit of an explanation for some people, but I just love looking at it!

The hippest star moms have used them, SJP, Kate Hudson, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Posh Spice to name a few. The Queen used one and Princess Di strolled Prince Harry and William around in one as well.

I am currently slightly obsessed with trolling British Ebay for vintage Prams.

I think there is something really intriguing about a pram that has all this great history associated with it. It's so cute that many of the Ebay postings retell the story of how these prams have been passed through their families from one generation to the next.

And from "Blogging Baby", commentary on the indulgence that is the Silver Cross and admonishment for the Bugaboo (which at nearly $1000 isn't exactly something to sneeze at but is more accessible, like carrying a Louis Vuitton...everyone has one), I couldn't have said it better, love the witty banter:

"Bugaboo Schmugaboo. The ultimate in conspicuous consumption baby transportation has to be the Silver Cross Balmoral Pram stroller which retails for a cool $3500. $800 for a stroller? Yeah, I guess that's fine for a back-up stroller. You know, one to keep at grandma's "just in case."

The Silver Cross stroller makes Bugaboo--pushing parents look like a bunch of amateurs. If you want to be the Queen Bee of the Mommy Clique, you need the Balmoral, honey.

Silver Cross has been handcrafting traditional prams in England for over a century. The Balmoral, the Bentley of the Silver Cross product line, boasts:

  • Three coats of high shine lacquer decorate the steel body.
  • All fine lining painted entirely by hand.
  • Sequentially numbered plaque.
  • Craftsman signed certificate of authenticity.
  • Fine English leather and hand sprung steel suspension.

It's over four feet long, doesn't fold, and weighs 75 pounds. It's not for quick trips to the grocery store, but who cares, dahling! That's what the help is for. You're not taking a $3500 pram to the silly old grocery store anyway. When you're out and about for a stroll with your Little Sweetums, everyone will know that your stroller is far superior to theirs. And, that's exactly the point of pushing a stroller like this, isn't it?"

Check out these vintage ones up on British Ebay currently (hint- they are a lot more affordable in England):

-from the 80's

-in white

-Traditional Corniche

-Tenby Pram

Check out the heritage collection on either the US website, or the British version.

Get them new at FAO Schwarz in the US and Harrods in England.

Bonpoint in NYC
1269 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10128
at 91st St.

Tartine et Chocolat in NYC
1047 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021
at 80th St.