Wolford Polar Tights

So despite the fact that we got two beautiful glimpses of spring in last weekend, today is apparently the coldest day since 1901. Time to pull out my winter dress wardrobe secret. Wolford's Polar tights. These are amazing. They are warm and totally elegant and beautifully made. They make it possible to wear dresses and skirts in the winter cold and still be toasty. Beauty and warmth! I couldn't live without these. Now I share the secret with you.

Another fun way to warm it up, is to wear boots with your dress and over the polar tights layer a very simple but beautifully knitted sock, preferably in black, muted gray, something subtle and elegant that peeks out just over the boot. This looks cool and keeps you warm.

So get out there and wear those dresses!!

Get it here or at Wolford boutique near you, or at most fine department stores. I know they carry them at BG, Jeffrey, Saks, Barneys, etc.


122 Greene St., New York, NY, 10012
at Prince St.

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