Olsen 'Pic of the Day'

MK in LA on Friday...

Love the lumberjack-chic look. I have always had a thing for old plaid shirts w/bits of red in them, like vintage Ralph Lauren in his Western themed styles. I used to "borrow" them from my dad's I cop them from my beau.

Note the Louboutins. I wannnnnt a pair. So sexy.

6 comments: said...

love the wild hair look.

Arsh said...

i had a plaid shirt excatly like that and same colour too...hmm wonder where I put it, may be time to dust it off and wear again! cool site! :)

Coco said...

I so love the scruffy with laboutin look. i wonder what the gent himself would thing though! kids today, eh?

love your site!

Anonymous said...

get the knockoffs. Does she ever brush her hair???

Michele. said...

i swear trev. used to have that shirt in 1992. i wonder if it's in a trunk in the basement. mommy doesn't get to wear stilettos much... love the teeny girls with big bags... however, at almost 5' 10'' how big will mine have to be? suggestions? ps. enough stalling with the morabito pics.

Bergdorf Girl said...

Yes--the much hyped bag!
Picking Morabito up this afternoon. I promise I'll post pix asap :). Have to run to the UES.

P.S. Yes it seems like we all have to search the storage room for the plaid shirt!

Mich-I'll think about the heel situation, I usually do flats and reserve the heels for special occasions, else I tower over everyone too. Kitten heels are a good alternative. I'll post a few options tommorrow.

THANKS for all the kudos!