Mark your Calendars for May 8th: Kate Moss's Topshop Collection Hits Barneys Co-op in NYC

The much-anticipated collection which drops May 1st at the flagship Oxford Circus London store (always a madhouse, can't imagine what it will be like May 1st) will be available a week later here in NYC at Barneys Co-op. Kate herself will make an appearance on the day of. I am sure this will be a big scene, I really do want a few of the pieces though. I suppose I will brave the masses. Oh and I keep hearing rumours of the opening of a Topshop here in the city later in the year. Anyone have any updates??

Fashion Week Daily reports on the collaboration:

Topshop is a lower-end mass store that offers a lot of style; Barneys is an upscale luxury store that offers high style,” said Julie Gilhart. “What we both share is a love of style.”

“Kate’s style is so much of a Barneys style, so it’s like having a peek into her closet,” Gilhart compared. “But the most important thing is that we buy produce first, regardless of designer or name.”

Check out ShopDiary for shots from British Vogue of the new collection.

Below: Topshop's podcast of behind the seams work with Kate on the new collection.


Bergdorf Girl said...

Sorry guys, I was having problems with the original post and had to re-create it, thus the original comments are now lost!

CoCo loves said...

argh. i wish i was jealous.

Anonymous said...

i wonder how the pieces will be priced?? i mean assuming that the quality is topshop standard will the prices be much much higher just b/c they are at a high-end store??