Olsen 'Pics of the day' and Going the Way of Annie Hall, Wide-Leg, High-Waisted Pants

Ashley earlier in the week in LA. Still loving the black look. Still adore the bag.

MK yesterday in LA. Sporting a decidedly different look than that as of late (for the record though, she has worn these pants earlier in the year, see photo below). Trouser pants are in. They have been on the radar since last spring, but I have not seen many sporting the look. They were seen all over the runway. Higher waists and wider legs. I love this look (tho I still love skinny jeans) and it definitely gives a more equal opportunity wearing option for all body types. Definitely more forgiving. I recently got a beautiful pair of vintage French wool trousers in Maroon. I love the trouser look. What do you all think?
PS I want a gold Rolex too.

MK earlier in the year.

Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. The start of a Pants Revolution.

From the runway:
Spring 2007 RTW. Tibi. New York Shows.

Spring 2007 RTW. Temperley. New York Shows.

And a few options for you:
Fendi High-Waisted Crepe Trouser from Net-a-Porter.

Pascle Trouser from Anlo (on the left), our skinny friends from Habitual on the right, not to be left out. Available on 5F at Bergdorf Goodman. They have a great, great selection of high-waisted jeans from Anlo (one of my favorite jean companies, based here in NYC).

High Waist Cinch Back Trousers from Topshop.


lulu said...

i love this look, but i am not sure what to wear on top?? do i tuck the shirt in? help!

Anonymous said...

i love the striped pants and the striped shirt combo on mary kate.

Michele. said...

yeah, i wonder about that too, especially for women with breasts... also i don't care much for the high-waisted jeans, though i think the look is nice with trousers. i have some linen wide-legged (but not high waisted) MK pants i picked up last summer and everyone comments on them. haven't seem much high-waisted stuff out here... will keep looking. on another note... i just watched annie hall (twice) recently, for the first time in a VERY long time. it's HILARIOUS! perhaps a new writing project for me about it... maybe the pants will figure in somehow... that outfit is certainly one of the things that the character's remembered for.