Cute Picks from Topshop

I can picture all of these with black leggings and sleek riding boots (like those below!).

Cap Sleeve Swing Jacket. Khaki

Denim Cap Sleeve Jacket.

Cap Sleeve Swing Jacket. In Black.

Oversized Mac. Love the Sleeves and the rumpled look.

Flat Buckle Riding Boot. These are so great. So versatile...I own a very similar Italian pair and wear them all the time over skinny jeans and with leggings.

All available at Topshop online (click on the links to get direct purchasing info). FYI: Topshop ships to the US now!!!

As well, I know Opening Ceremony on Howard Street has a small collection of items from Topshop, though I haven't been in as of late to attest to any selection....(will try to stop by in the next week or so and give an update).

Opening Ceremony
35 Howard St
New York, NY 10013
Phone: (212) 219-2688

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