Edward Bess Lipstick Line

I had the good fortune to chat with Edward Bess Saturday evening at BG's beauty event. Besides being a total cutie-patootie, he is one smart cookie. Hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, a city I particularly love (they understand feminine there). He is immaculate and totally charming in that wonderful southern way, but don't think his cute factor deters at all from his business sense. At the age of 21, he has a wonderfully solid line that is well thought out and of thorough quality. Future plans include mascara, eye shadows and bronzer's.

The lipstick line is chock full of beautiful and naturally flattering colors that are so soft and moisturizing. The line contains fifteen lip products, five high-sheen lip glosses and ten lipsticks. Previously only sold as a set, colors are now available individually. The lip products are lightly scented with wild fig, lovely! The lipstick contains vitamins A and E to act as antioxidants in addition to silicon to maintain a smooth finish. The lip gloss incorporates ginkgo biloba extract and polymers to provide anti-aging benefits while adding shine.

His bit of counter space is sort of wedged in between the Prescriptives and Shiseido counter. Do visit.

Bess is featured in this month's Teen Vogue. Check it out.

Available exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman or on his website.

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