Style File: Love the Olsen Twins

Every time I see a photo of either of the Olsen twins I am so inspired. I just adore their style. I love the textures, the use of lots of black, a hint of color (in the red bottom of a Christian Louboutin or red nails), bits of fur and the most beautiful bags. The bag that MK has been carrying lately is SO awesome (see the two pics above and below) and it reminds me of my Morabito....(which btw is ready to be picked up from Artbag....I'm SO excited) so classic, will last forever and just timeless in that old Hollywood glamour way. I will post a pic of my Morabito next week.

Anyway, thought I'd post a whack of Olsen inspiration as the weather is FINALLY warming (well a bit, at least here on the East Coast) and we can trade our bulky layers for soft flow-y layers and dress how we'd like instead of how we must in order to deal with the weather. Love the mix of vintage with cutting edge glam. Very avant-garde chic. Obviously I don't agree with those that think they have terrible style, or maybe I just like the whole "geriatric Russian Hooker" look as it has been referred to.

Elements of Olsen style:

  • Hot bag
  • Oversize Sunglasses
  • Great heels/boots/flats
  • Lots of black
  • Artistic layering
  • Costume jewelry
  • Skinny jeans
  • Long scarves
  • Vintage fur
  • Messy hair
  • Tights
  • Small touches of color (red lipstick/nails, jewelry, shoes, sunglasses, scarves)

Places to shop:
  • Vintage for Ray-Bans (Wayfarer)
  • Chanel, Hermes, Fendi, for purses. If you want to skip the wait-list on the Birkin check out Fisch for the Hip on 18th street ( 212-633-9053), they carry a steady supply of barely/never used Birkins.
  • Vintage for fantastic bags. Try Don the Verb on the Lower East Side, they have beautiful vintage croc bags and some great 40's finds.
  • Vintage for fur coats and swing coats
  • Wolford for the highest quality black tights, zillions of delicate pattern options to spice things up
  • Vintage for costume jewelry or try Chanel for great new pieces each season or H&M for fun pieces of the moment.
  • Your local thrift store, if you've got a good eye there are treasures galore to be found.


Anonymous said...

ohhhh. I love it! Thanks for all the great resources.

Anonymous said...

actually you have left out an important element of olsen style: the starbucks coffee!
greets..paulina from germany

Anonymous said...

thx! that's what I am looking for!