For all you Mums out there!! My New-Vintage Silver Cross Pram.

So first-off, I'll let you know, I am not a mom...nor am I pregnant...but still my obsession for fashion rolls over to baby-ware too, cute accessories, the best French baby clothing labels (my favorites are Tartine et Chocolat and Bonpoint) and of course baby bags (is this what they are called? anyway...whatever...they are just another form of bags!!) and of course the coolest strollers.

So imagine my delight when yesterday while thrifting for vintage treasures I laid my eyes upon a genuine Silver Cross British Pram. These are the Bentley of all baby-mobiles (or to put it in fashion-speak the Birkin of strollers). They are simply so well-crafted and last for generations. In England the tradition is to pass the Pram down from mother to daughter/son and so on. I had to have it. So now I am proudly the owner of a beautiful navy blue Pram from Silver Cross. It's on display in my living room, yes I realize this will require a bit of an explanation for some people, but I just love looking at it!

The hippest star moms have used them, SJP, Kate Hudson, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Posh Spice to name a few. The Queen used one and Princess Di strolled Prince Harry and William around in one as well.

I am currently slightly obsessed with trolling British Ebay for vintage Prams.

I think there is something really intriguing about a pram that has all this great history associated with it. It's so cute that many of the Ebay postings retell the story of how these prams have been passed through their families from one generation to the next.

And from "Blogging Baby", commentary on the indulgence that is the Silver Cross and admonishment for the Bugaboo (which at nearly $1000 isn't exactly something to sneeze at but is more accessible, like carrying a Louis Vuitton...everyone has one), I couldn't have said it better, love the witty banter:

"Bugaboo Schmugaboo. The ultimate in conspicuous consumption baby transportation has to be the Silver Cross Balmoral Pram stroller which retails for a cool $3500. $800 for a stroller? Yeah, I guess that's fine for a back-up stroller. You know, one to keep at grandma's "just in case."

The Silver Cross stroller makes Bugaboo--pushing parents look like a bunch of amateurs. If you want to be the Queen Bee of the Mommy Clique, you need the Balmoral, honey.

Silver Cross has been handcrafting traditional prams in England for over a century. The Balmoral, the Bentley of the Silver Cross product line, boasts:

  • Three coats of high shine lacquer decorate the steel body.
  • All fine lining painted entirely by hand.
  • Sequentially numbered plaque.
  • Craftsman signed certificate of authenticity.
  • Fine English leather and hand sprung steel suspension.

It's over four feet long, doesn't fold, and weighs 75 pounds. It's not for quick trips to the grocery store, but who cares, dahling! That's what the help is for. You're not taking a $3500 pram to the silly old grocery store anyway. When you're out and about for a stroll with your Little Sweetums, everyone will know that your stroller is far superior to theirs. And, that's exactly the point of pushing a stroller like this, isn't it?"

Check out these vintage ones up on British Ebay currently (hint- they are a lot more affordable in England):

-from the 80's

-in white

-Traditional Corniche

-Tenby Pram

Check out the heritage collection on either the US website, or the British version.

Get them new at FAO Schwarz in the US and Harrods in England.

Bonpoint in NYC
1269 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10128
at 91st St.

Tartine et Chocolat in NYC
1047 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021
at 80th St.

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Michele. said...

diaper bag cheri!
these are pretty and look like they would be very handy in the living room or if you have a staff to help you tote them and your babe around. the nice thing about the neo-stroller is that it's functional, even if it's banal and ugly. we may not want to say this about all things, but in a stroller, it's a bit of a must.