New Balenciaga Motorcycle bag...HOT AND HEAVY?!

BTW, I was at Barney's last night and took a look at the new Balenciaga Motorcycle bags, which are the same as the old but with embellished, larger hardware/grommets in a gold weave (like a microphone mesh...). I LOVE the look but have to admit that for me (besides their obvious cool factor) one of the big draws of the bag was its light and versatile weight, and this new design while hot makes the new bags that much heavier and just over the threshold for me, weighing in as: TOO HEAVY.


542 W. 22nd St., New York, NY 10011
near Eleventh Ave.


Michele. said...

i don't care. they're so pretty. i pine for it! i also really like the new chloe bay bags. how can you stand living in nyc so close to them all???

perkyvixen said...

I already bought the black one with gold hardware. It is as heavy as a stam but it is so beautiful it's worth the extra weight! :)