Very Long Overdue: Highlights of the Montreal Trip

So yeah, I know this is sooo overdue, but some thoughts on my Montreal trip. Sorry for the delay, it seems I have been swamped since I returned and this posting just required more time than I had!!

In July I unfortunately missed the great One year anniversary party for 'Don the Verb' held at the Grand Hotel. Boo hoo. I was sooo looking forward to going, but got sick at the last minute. But I know they were launching the debut of their new private label line, which includes these wonderful shiny black pants (above). Now I don't actually have to covet these, because I picked up a similar and equally great pair from "T by: Thomas Tait", the Montreal designer of the same name (pictured below) in the fantastic Montreal store Reborn. If you are interested in his designs, either stop by Reborn a total gem in Montreal which carries his designs or contact him by email at

Other cool Montreal spots:

Olive + Gourmando for wicked brownies and yummy sandwiches.

La Rose Blanche for wonderful European cuisine and a delightful atmosphere
355 St-Paul Ouest
tel: 514.285.0022

Bodhi Spa for some relaxin'

And finally the very funky skater/raver/coolcat under-groundish newly opened 'Ed Shop' where you can find very hot sneakers, and jackets made from parachute material! Owner Benjamin Deras says they opened very recently and are establishing themselves in the Montreal fashion scene. They should have a website up soon. One of the coolest items they have are these Italian made chairs/couches/sitting items that resemble rocks. They are located on the garden level of a great carved out industrial-feel space at 387 St. Paul Ouest in Old Montreal. You can contact them at 514.656.4635 or at


Emma said...

Sounds like a FAB trip!

Arsheen said...

Montreal looks like a great place! cool shots of the shops and restaurants

Trendini said...

olive + gourmando really and truly have the best sandwiches ever...ever!
have you tried the poutine here in montreal? this is a fab city!!

JSHAW said...

I have yet to visit Reborn but it is for sure on my list of things to do, thanks for all the info. It reminds me a bit of Seven New York either or amazing.