Anita Roddick, Founder of The Body Shop: Dies.

This is so, so, so sad. I was alerted this morning by Mrs. Fashion that Anita Roddick, the founder of The Body Shop, had passed away. What a great loss, Anita was an inspiration to women everywhere. She not only established herself as a dynamic successful WOMAN in business, but she was a pioneer in the field of environmentally conscious beauty products, especially fair trade. If you've never visited her website, please do, it has been listed as a link under my 'Girl Power' section since this site's inception and is an invaluable resource for progressive thought in social justice.

Anita died unexpectedly from a brain hemorrhage. She was just 64.

The Star, reports:

Roddick began her beauty and retailing career in 1976 in a little hippie shop in Brighton, England. But the 33-year-old entrepreneur set herself apart by underscoring the ethical properties of her formulations, created with natural ingredients, often sourced from the developing world.

Roddick pioneered ethical beauty long before it was fashionable, long before Dove campaigns and Stella McCartney.

Adrian Bellamy, chairman of The Body Shop International, said in a statement that "Anita was not only our founder but she was also the heart and passion of The Body Shop and with her we achieved so much, whether on animal rights, human rights, Community Trade, or through the founding of organizations like Children on the Edge. It is no exaggeration to say that she changed the world of business with her campaigns for social and environmental responsibility."

Roddick pioneered ethical and environmental beauty decades before it became fashionable, earning the royal title "Queen of Green." In 2003, the Queen made her a dame in recognition of her contributions."

Anita you inspired others to do good with your actions.

You were HUGE, you were one of my hero's. You will be missed.


ChiliLady said...

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Ondo Lady said...

Yes I was very sad to hear this, she was a true pioneer. I am also a fan of the Bodyshop lip balms and vanila perfume. She will be greatly missed.

ambika said...

I couldn't believe it when I saw this. Her business ethics seem such a given now but at the time were so revolutionary.

And she was so good humored when she appeared on the Ali G show.