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Fugitive Denim: A Moving Story of People and Pants in the Borderless World of Global Trade
by Snyder, Rachel Louise.

From Azerbaijan to New York City, a human-scale view of global trade.
In the business of making and selling clothes, "Made in" labels do precious little to convey the constellation of treaties, countries, and people at work in the assembly of a simple pair of jeans. In "Fugitive Denim" journalist Rachel Louise Snyder reports from the far reaches of this multi-billion-dollar industry in search of the real people who make your clothes. From a cotton picker in Azerbaijan to a Cambodian seamstress, a denim maker in Italy to a fashion designer in New York, Snyder captures the human, environmental, and political forces at work in a dizzyingly complex and often absurd world. In a disarming and humorous voice, she ponders questions of equity, sweatshops, and corporate social responsibility through narratives of individual people, making an often academic subject accessible and compelling. Neither polemic nor prescription, "Fugitive Denim" captures what it means to be at work in the world in the twenty-first century.

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Rachael said...

Hi! I just came across you blog. I heard Rachel Lynn Snyder speak in Cambodia. I haven't read the book yet but her story of researching the book was interesting.