Hanky Panky Sample Sale: Get Your Thong On!

Everyone's favourite everyday lingerie Hanky Panky (or at least all the girls in the know!) is having a sample sale. Apologies for the late notice, I was too busy fighting in with the masses for my share :)!

You've still got 2 days to pick up some new pieces.

All bottoms are 10$ each including their low-rise thong, a perpetual favorite for good reason (it allows us to still wear underwear with the impossibly low-er trend of jeans...) and they have cami's for 15-20$ as well as an assortment of other accoutrement's.

Be careful girls, its wild in there!


Emma said...

I have yet to meet a single girl who doesn't own at least one colorful lacy Hanky Panky thong. They're the best.

A said...

GAH, i so should have gone while I was in new york! oh well, there's always next time :)

Patent Shoes && Rants said...

Sample Sales are dangerous.

I almost got caught in a middle of a fist fight.