Gossip Girl Update

To see where in the city GG will be filming, check out the interactive map of the shooting locations.


Gossip Girl Premiere


What did you all think?

Was there enough drama and cattiness for you? Do you love that a gossip blog is the main fodder of a hot T.V. show? How great is the styling?

What about the cameos? Bendel's much? Love that this is filmed here in NYC!

Love it!!!

P.S. How hot did S look in that gold dress. Very Sienna.

P.P.S. To see a good portion of the show, check in here.



Christina Aguilera, Poppin'

Spotted: A very cute and preggers Christina Aguilera, out for dinner in Brentwood, Ca. last night.

We love her t-shirt, it sports a print of one of our fave paintings, 'Lips' by Andy Warhol. We've seen this before!


Anita Roddick, Founder of The Body Shop: Dies.

This is so, so, so sad. I was alerted this morning by Mrs. Fashion that Anita Roddick, the founder of The Body Shop, had passed away. What a great loss, Anita was an inspiration to women everywhere. She not only established herself as a dynamic successful WOMAN in business, but she was a pioneer in the field of environmentally conscious beauty products, especially fair trade. If you've never visited her website, please do, it has been listed as a link under my 'Girl Power' section since this site's inception and is an invaluable resource for progressive thought in social justice.

Anita died unexpectedly from a brain hemorrhage. She was just 64.

The Star, reports:

Roddick began her beauty and retailing career in 1976 in a little hippie shop in Brighton, England. But the 33-year-old entrepreneur set herself apart by underscoring the ethical properties of her formulations, created with natural ingredients, often sourced from the developing world.

Roddick pioneered ethical beauty long before it was fashionable, long before Dove campaigns and Stella McCartney.

Adrian Bellamy, chairman of The Body Shop International, said in a statement that "Anita was not only our founder but she was also the heart and passion of The Body Shop and with her we achieved so much, whether on animal rights, human rights, Community Trade, or through the founding of organizations like Children on the Edge. It is no exaggeration to say that she changed the world of business with her campaigns for social and environmental responsibility."

Roddick pioneered ethical and environmental beauty decades before it became fashionable, earning the royal title "Queen of Green." In 2003, the Queen made her a dame in recognition of her contributions."

Anita you inspired others to do good with your actions.

You were HUGE, you were one of my hero's. You will be missed.

Making the Front Page of The New York Times Today: The Fashion Copy-Cat Outrage!

Left, a dress from the Versace Spring/Summer '07 collection, which retailed for $1,685 when it was offered by Neiman Marcus this spring. On the right from Bebe, which sells their most expensive comparable dress for about $130. Forever 21 also sold a similar dress later in the summer.

Adding to the copyright debate....on today's front page of the NY Times and coinciding very purposely with New York fashion week:

"Before Models Can Turn Around, Knockoffs Fly'

Having worked deep within the depths of this issue (particularly in how items are manufactured for big department stores private labels), I've seen first hand how the 'copying' process goes down, and it ain't' pretty girls. New York is a mecca for companies whose sole purpose it is to dissect emerging trends and translate (aka copy/steal) them into affordable pieces carried by large mainstream stores and small alike.

The NY Times article does a great job of revealing the process behind the scenes. Oh, and however which way you feel about the issue, I couldn't leave out this fantastic quote from the copycat designer they focused on:

"She sees her work meeting the needs of the vast majority of consumers who cannot afford designer prices. “Especially the younger girls do not have so much money,” Ms. Anand said, “but they want to wear fashionable clothes.”

“They want to look fabulous,” she said. “It’s their right to look fabulous.”

Love it.



NY Fashion Week and the High Holiday Debate. G-D Wins!

Oh and speaking of NY Fashion week, I had been meaning to post this, one of the myriad reasons I love NY. Came across this upon my return from vay-cay, yay for being back in town!

In case you missed the raging scheduling debate that occurred after last years fiasco with Paris Fashion Week being scheduled on top of the High Holidays (only the most religious holy days for Jews), here's a little primer.

Now, the biggest question remains? What am I going to do for the High Holidays??

Ciao, Dahlings.