Creed...the Caribbean, and Natalie Wood

So at BG the other day (yes AGAIN....)...and had the chance to sample the newest fragrance from Creed; 'Virgin Island Water' . It's the perfect summer perfume, a mix of coconut, lime, bergamot, jasmine, and a little white rum. Delicious, refreshing, you have to smell it to believe it, but it really feels like you are in the Caribbean. Its so light and uplifting....This is going to be my summer smell!!! Can you tell I can't wait for this cold weather to leave? Oh and I forgot the best part, a portion of the sales go towards charities that protect the Oceans!

So, I have been on the search for a new fragrance for over 6 months now, I had tried some of the Creed perfumes in the fall upon the recommendation that they used very little if any synthetic components and in the end got a bit overwhelmed by how many there were...but now that I have had some time to reflect and go back again and smell just those that had appealed to me, I believe I have found the one......TADA: Jasmal. One of their older fragrances, it was created in the late 50's for Natalie Wood. This is such a beautiful warm sensual perfume. I am so excited to bring it into my life. And who better to share a scent with than Natalie?

You can purchase Creed in NYC at Jeffrey, Bergdorf Goodman and Saks. The 'Virgin Island Water' is exclusive to BG though.

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