Breaking News: Jane Magazine is Being Scrapped.

Jane will publish its last issue this August at which point the website will also be shut-down.

Staff returned to the office this morning after the 4th of July long weekend to the news.

Another one bites the dust.

Get the scoop at Fashion Week Daily.

Other commentary at Gawker.


the lipstick lady said...

yet another reason why I should move to new york: more magazines (even if they're getting scrapped) in the states

Bergdorf Girl said...

LL: Cute! Add it to the list.

more commentary on the issue:


Kim said...

What a bummer, i kind of liked Jane.

Anonymous said...

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Arsheen said...

why? why? whyyy??!! i love that magazine! i get my copy without fail here at our borders each month and I had dreams to work for it one day. i can't believe it. not happy :(