Love it!: Chloe's New Fall Collection

In his first collection as the new designer for Chloe, I think that Paulo Menim Andersson did a great job (though I know many seem to be pining for old Chloe's more 'flow-y' look)....of course this is coming from a girl who loves dark colors and simple shapes.

Love the colors (olive brown, to-die-for), love the cuts and drape, love the simplicity. These are wonderfully wearable pieces to build upon....classics!

A smattering below.

Secretary Dress. Absolutely ADORE this dress. Stunning.

Silk Keyhole Dress.

Quilted Ankle Boot. And the boot to match.

Button Top. Simple, chic, timeless.

Printed Silk Top.

Thoughts? And what of designers taking a label in a new direction. This seems to be heralded sometimes, often lamented by others (Isn't change good?) who want labels to have a certain sense of continuity or in some cases downright scorned upon (think Marc Jacobs in the 90's with the grunge Perry Ellis collection for which he was fired--of course we all know how this turned out).

I think like anything its about balance.



smokyeyes said...

the white button top and the quilted ankle boots are my faves! i love chloe's simplicity and sophistication!

Mrs Fashion said...

I NEED those boots - and I'm glad Chloe got tougher. Too many babydoll dresses seen on God-awful WAGS put me right off the previous collections (although the dresses were very pretty). Negative celeb appearances weren't having a good effect. I'm looking forward to a dark Winter.
Mrs F x