Gossip Girl: Can't Wait!!

OMG, I just saw the TV trailer for Gossip Girl with the scenes set to Fergies 'Glamorous'. It looks sooooooooooooo good. Can't wait!!!


Arsheen said...

ooohhh that looks so good! betcha we wont get that here in ireland for like another 10 years...!!! i need something to fill my OC-left void :(

AVA said...

It looks cool, wonder if it's any good though.. but I'll probably have to wait some (a lot) years before Holland starts getting notice..

I like your blog and the picture at the top is so very beautiful with the white and purple colours!

Bergdorf Girl said...

A and A:

They really are promoting heavy now, and it does look reallllly it doesn't hurt that it takes place here in NYC! . I do hope it does make its way over there, I guess there's always satellite t.v. right?!!

Thanks for the feedback Ava!

Ondo Lady said...

Yes that show looks too cool for words. Also it is produced by Josh Schwartz, the guy who created The OC so I am sure it will be hot. I hope it hits the UK soon.

Maxine said...

I saw the preview too, and the show looks awesome! I can't wait to see it!

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