Beauty Alert: Pale Lips

Reminiscent of Twiggy and Barbarella, the runway was filled with images of the 'pale lip'. Sometimes paired with a strong eye, preferably smoky and sometimes alone, it is always a powerful statement. If you can pull it off with your colouring, do try, its fun. I have a British friend who regularly sports this look, and I am so envious of her care-free attitude towards it.

Oscar de la Renta, NYC, F07.

Vera Wang, NYC, F07.

Marni, Paris F07.

Christopher Kane, London F07.

To get this look, try:

Light Muted Pink from the "Barbie loves MAC" collection,

Barbarella or Belle de Jour from Nars,

Dahlila Flesh (a peachy beige shimmer) from Vincent Longo,

and of course the cult "pale lip" from Lancome (also available at Bloomies).

For a detailed 'how-to', check out this guide from Manchester, England (how appropriate!).


mimi said...

oooooh, i like this look...its very 60's

Anonymous said...

oh a very clean look.... its very cool.. i like putting gloss on my lips but i am sometimes afraid of the bright color.. this is so me!!!