Betsey Johnson: Affordable, Fun, Flirty. Prom, Formals, Banquet, Whenever!

So listen, I know a lot of what I post is quite expensive, and as I have said before, quality isn't cheap, and you have to think of great pieces as an investment, and inspiration is key, etc. etc. yadda, yadda. In honour of all that, I wanted to post some great pieces that are not so expensive but still totally fun and cut well. Design and quality are key with me. This is where Betsey Johnson comes in. What's not to love about this crazy awesome chick. She was one of my favorite designers when I was 10 along with Sonia Rykiel, and she has remained my fun-flirty dress go-to since then. You just feel so fun and alive and kind of like anything totally out-of-the-blue exciting could happen when you don one of her frocks. Have fun with clothes girls, you only live once!

Below find some totally wild fun pieces for upcoming summer nights, parties, dances, dinner (oh my!) whatever. And do check out a boutique if you can, I was in last week and there are so many other great styles not pictured on the website!

Oh, and check out BJ herself, read this, this, this, or this! As a woman, she is an inspiration, she is energetic beyond belief and a dreamer that rocks creative boundaries. She has been in the fashion biz for a long time and she is wild, fun and fantastic. She has battled and survived breast cancer, been a single mom, is a gramma now and built a giant successful fashion line without selling out.


Party-ish Dresses:
Taffeta Bustle Dress
Love the bustle, so fresh! And Taffeta is so lovely, the crisp feeling of the fabric, so old-school.

Sateen Strapless Bow Dress
So you know how I feel about bows. Love it!!

Evening Ombre Taffeta Strapless Dress.
Again, love Taffeta and the bow. Colors are lovely and muted as well, seemingly blending into each other.

Evening Martini Dress.
Silk. Very Ethereal. Love the bow.

Cafe de Paris Strapless Dress.
Classic, love the contrast between fabric, sheer mesh and taffeta.

More Casual-ish Dresses:
Charmeuse Peasant Dress.
Light and Lovely.

Bows on Charmeuse Mid-Sleeve Dress.
Oh, Oh, I LOVE this!! I remember last season, she had ballet flats with this pattern on them, and they were divine. The trick with this dress is to keep everything else simple, plain black ballet flats, the dress speaks for itself.

From the Runway (Spring collection should be in store, Fall coming up):

Spring 2007

Spring 2007
Spring 2007

Spring 2007

Fall 2007

Fall 2007
Fall 2007

Fall 2007

Fall 2007

Fall 2007

Fall 2007

And to go with that dress; Shoes:
BJ makes some wicked shoes. Hot and believe it or not comfortable.
Check these out.
Leather Polly Heel.
These are chic and super sexy. Not often that you get that plus comfortable. So worth it. They come in all sorts of colors and materials, Every year they seem to make more options in this style. They are so sexy and trust me (I own them in gold sparkle) completely comfortable. I wore them for one of the biggest nights of my life and they were like walking on air, good design and nice padding in the shoe (important if you will be dancing the night away). I bought them for a formal event and ended up wearing them the next day with jeans, and on it went. BTW, I know they look a little scary, but take my word for it, try them on, you will be surprised, they look maybe a bit trampy on the shelf, but not so when on the foot. Hey, and did I mention they are comfortable?

Jalia Heel.
These would look so hot with any of the formal dresses. Very Louboutin. Classy/Sexy.

Sammy Ballet Flats.
A flat alternative. Love the bow and heart combo.

Enjoy! And remember be free in your hearts!


Anonymous said...

makes me think of high school, all the cool cats wore Betsey. cute post.

Michele. said...

she even has shops in toronto and mtl now. they are just what you'd expect... a bit like a cyndi lauper video from the 1980s. another good designer are nanette lepore. in that kind of price range. and lida baday too. but much more grown up.

Anonymous said...

i like betsey johnson's playfulness..her gold and silver sparkle shoes are totally hot with a great pair of jeans!

Anonymous said...

the sammy ballet flats with the bow and heart are so adorable!

smokyeyes said...

i think the bright red lipstick combined with the blue eye shadow can look really cool!

smokyeyes said...

i noticed the bright red lipstick and the blue eye shadow on the runway models in your pics, but i just noticed that Betsey Johnson herself is wearing bright red lipstick with bluish eye shadow in the first two's a very playful spring/summer look..