Cle de Peau Concealer

Also, FINALLY picked up a tube of the very famous Cle de Peau Concealer that EVERYBODY raves about. InStyle has featured it every year in their annual 'Best Beauty Buys'. It is as amazing as everyone says. LOVE it.

The consistency is lovely, it goes on creamy and dries matte, has wonderful staying power and very true colors. The best part: the packaging. It has what has become my favourite case ever, it is so old-world glamour, reminds me of 1920's Hollywood, it has a nice weight to it, not cheap and flimsy plastic and a very austere dark blue color with accents of gold to give it light and glamour!!! Who would thought concealer could bring such joy!!

At Bergdorf Goodman CdP is having a Spa/Facial event May 3rd and 4th, this is a great way to get an in depth look at what products you should be using on your skin. Call Hilda (that's right just like Betty's sister on "Ugly Betty") at (212) 872.2726 if you are interested in setting up an appointment.

Available at Bergdorf Goodman.


Anonymous said...

i love the corrugated metal case of this concealer as well!

btw, i finally checked out Edward Bess's lipstick line at Bergdorf Goodman.. i love those black lipstick boxes. such beautiful packaging!

opal said...

i like your blog a lot. would love to see some posts on cool jewelry too!