Earth Day Picks: Go Green Fashionably!

Who doesn't love fresh flowers in your home, and what a wonderful gift on your way to a dinner party for your hostess.

Now you can buy flowers and know that they come from a sustainable, organic, earth friendly source at Organic Bouquet, check them out online.

Get your hair cut and colored in a much more environmentally and health friendly fashion. Check out John Masters Salon and Products. If you are in NYC then this is a cinch, his beautiful, light-filled salon is in Soho on Sullivan Street (number 77, between Spring and Broome).

Get your nails done in a safe, clean AND environmentally friendly environment at Sweet Lily Nail Spa in TriBeCa.
Sweet Lily™ Natural Nail Spa & Boutique
222 West Broadway NYC 10013
(Between North Moore and Franklin Street)
Phone: 212.925.5441

Try Stella McCartney's new 100% organic cosmetic line: Care! The line was formulated to be wonderful for your skin, body and the environment without sacrificing results. This is a luxury skincare line. All of the ingredients are certified organic. There are no genetically modified ingredients, no endangered plant species are used, and formulas are not tested on animals. There are no animal-derived ingredients, no silicones, no petrochemicals, no chemical preservatives, and no parabens.

Get it here.

Read up!
Get informed and aware at Treehugger a great online resource for all things green and sustainable.

Read about style and green lifestyle at the always hip 'Style Will Save Us'.

Buy Eco-friendly clothing without sacrificing style from: Edun.

Barney's "Don't Panic, It's Organic" section.

Buy Vintage. This is one of the most earth-friendly shopping options there is. Re-using!!! Try one of my favorite vintage spots (or your local thrift store/Sally Ann/Goodwill if you have a keen eye), some of my faves below:
Some Odd Rubies (NYC, LA)
Don the Verb (NYC)
A Second Chance (NYC)
Decades(LA, UK)
Circa Vintage (UK)
Free 'P' Star (Paris)

And remember; 'Green is the new Black'.


smokyeyes said...

i'm excited to try Stella McCartney's Care! line.. i love that it's 100% organic. maybe i won't be allergic to my perfume for once... has anyone tried it yet?

Blondie O'Hair said...

the john masters salon is a beautiful salon, gorgeous tin ceilings, cool rustic atmosphere....and my hairstylist was great!