Style Review: Miss Simpson and the Olsens

Ugh, please stop with the mish-mashed together sloppy look, and please, please STOP with the weird long skirts. Its just yuck. Personally I usually love both 'rag-tag' Olsen style and the Jessica Simpson 'sexylook', but these recent departures are just a big NO in my book. At least in both cases there is a beautiful bag for some redeeming value.

JS down under last week w/ boy-toy John Mayer.

Ashley shopping at Maxfield's in West Hollywood yesterday.

How we like to see our stars...well-dressed and inspirational.

Ashley house-hunting in Beverley Hills Thursday. Love the boots and you can't go wrong with black tailored pants/leggings. The scarf is interesting and she wears it artistically.

With JM in January. Love this look, much more polished and 'put' together rather than 'thrown' together.

In Italy last month. Not the best she has looked by far, but way better than those long skirt clingy things she has been sporting as of late...things just seem to be going downhill fashion-wise with JM in her inner circle. Like the blond hair much better. We want the old Jess back. Whah.

P.S. I don't mean to pick on these two, there are obviously FAR worse fashion "no's" to focus on in the celebrity world (hello Britney, we are talking to you), but normally I admire these girl's style...and well Britney, she never had any style to begin with...


Arsh said...

ashley looks like she's wearing a sari under that leather jacket..and a drab-coloured one at that

Anonymous said...

i agree.. also i love J.S. L.V. BAG!! yum.. wish i had one..

Gretchen said...

Agreed! JS looks unkempt and dirty in the first, but she can look so polished and sexy when she wants to. Not a fan of the Olsen's style...they just look sad...I think I'd like it more if they were ever photographed smiling. Love your blog!!!

chicgeek said...

...yes, a great bag can remedy almost any bad ensemble.

Noni said...

I think the Olsen's have great style... but they do look sad.. and always appear to have the same pose in photos!.. but all the bags in the pics are so fab!