Olsen 'Pic' of the day: Ashley in L.A.

Ashley in LA yesterday.

Ahhh, that bag. We love how Ash finds a bag she adores and sticks with it. That's definitely wise advice for those of us on a budget. Much better to splurge on one beautiful thing (an investment) and use it often than many cheap pieces which will be trashed and out of style in a few months. And speaking of great investment pieces, my Morabito is officially, really and truly actually ready. Mr. Artbag called this morning to tell me she was ready to come home. I will post pics soon.

P.S. love the skirt.

Ta to the Upper East Side.


Anonymous said...

that skirt does look amazing!

Michele. said...

i want to see this bag already. and you promised pics of other stuff too. tease!!!