America's Next Top Model: Natasha Stays!

Just a little shout-out. Yay Natasha! So glad you are still here another week. Ignore the haters. They are jealous.

For anyone who watched ANTM tonight, how obvious was that catty jealousy? Sorry to say it only makes them look worse.

I admire Natasha's ability to maintain her composure and take the high road.

Definitely this competition is between Natasha and Renee, though I think Natasha is stronger. She is so unflappable, which fazes people, but that is so essential for modeling. Ya gotta be able to take the heat, major.


Anonymous said...

Do your best, you are amazing

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, in the beginning I did not like Natasha--she seemed too ditzy. But, as the competition proceeded she proved to be beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. She never said the ugly things the other girls did, and she treated everyone with sincere respect (even when they did not deserve it!) I was so happy to see her hard work rewarded as the show continued. I only wish she had won.