My Morabito Bag!

After much anticipation and waiting (on my part).

The unveiling of my new vintage Morabito alligator bag! I'm in love!!

Morabito is an established French luxury leather purveyor that was established on The Place Vendome in 1905. They are famous for high quality handbags.

It has been said of Morabito:

"LV is ubiquitous, Hermès extravagantly expensive, and Goyard (for now) is smartly and selectively distributed, but Paris has a number of purveyors of fine leather goods that don't have the international recognition of the big three. Ducas, in a small store on Rue d'Argenteuil, sells finely crafted bags and accessories with a resolutely masculine bent (from business card holders to cigar humidors and shoe bags) in exotic skins but at relatively reduced prices — one of the perks of not having an advertising budget. Where Avenue George-V meets Rue Francois-1er, Morabito, a luxury leather goods seller since 1905, operates a large store. Here, amid sensible ladylike ostrich bags with gold closures that bear a certain resemblance to one or two of Hermès' best-sellers, is a wealth of luggage and covetable (and blessedly unrecognizable) totes. A large grained calf travel bag is on offer for €950 and a chocolate-colored cabas of plain and grained calf with ostrich handles is €790. Of course there are plenty of expensive reptile skins available too, but one of the most beautiful offerings amid a line of glossy pastel stingray bags is the Palomar, a pearl gray box of the same skin that has heirloom written all over it (€2500)."

This glamorous leather purveyor was originally established by an Italian entrepreneur on the place Vendôme in 1905. In the 1990s, it was partially acquired by an organization in Tokyo. Today, from a site on the very glamorous rue François Ier, it sells chicer-than-thou handbags that begin at a bare minimum of 200€ ($260) and quickly climb to 9,120€ ($11,856) and more. Morabito also has suitcases -- some of the best in Paris -- for men and women. Open Monday to Friday 10am to 6:45pm; Saturday 11am to 6:30pm.

Transportation: Métro: George-V

P.S. Sorry for the quality of the photos, I couldn't seem to remove the glare, no matter which angle I photographed from.


Emily said...

It's a nice bag, but it's too big for my taste, when your holding it, it almost looks like a smaller suitcase, but a nice one though. I'd take one, just a bit smaller.

baglady said...

i'm so jealous of your bag! it's beautiful!

Bergdorf Girl said...

emily: agreed it is a BIG bag, but for me, I love big bags, the bigger the better in fact...small bags seem to drown on me...I'm a bit on the tall side...so that's prob a factor...but I like being able to stuff everything in...I tend to run around all day and I like to fit an extra sweater in for evening, water, snack, make-up bag, phone, keys, my NY Times (in fact thats a new requirement in itself, that any new bag I get must fit the Times in there), day-minder...and the list goes on. but yes, I agree big vs small is always a divider...you'll see people who hate on the big bags the olsens/LaLohan etc wear, and then others like Moi who can't get enough. C'est La Vie.

Anonymous said...

holy cow... that is one gorgeous bag! i love the fact it's not any kind of recogaizable 'it' bag. that way you can enjoy your bag purely in good taste!

smokyeyes said...

love the size of the bag! it looks great on you!

Michele. said...

love it love it love it. as you know, i love the big bags.