Jessica Simpson Shines Last Weekend in Hollywood

Jessica Simpson this past weekend in Hollywood, dinner with Ken Paves. Jess is looking soooo much better than recent pics in the last few weeks. Not sure I like the dress that much, but her hair looks great, and the smoky eyes and pinky/pale lipstick are a total hit. The color seems to be a bit lighter than the darker shades we were seeing last month and it really brightens up her whole look. Yay Jess, keep it UP!!

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Arsh said...

i like her dress, she looks hot! best of luck in the Topshop frenzy Bergdorf Girl! I haven't made the rounds yet! I guess it works if you have it in low supply there. I'll defn look you up if I'm down in NY sometime, and if you're ever in Dublin, drop me a line!!!