LookBook Gets it Right: New York Magazine Finally Features Someone Actually Stylish

The always wonderful Parker Posey this week.

Last weeks feature, though not terribly creative and requiring some large amounts of money is still very beautiful, polished and actually looks good. This is a vast improvement over more recent picks such as this (see below):


Mrs Fashion said...

Hello, I just discovered your blog, and I adore it!
(Have had to link you...)
Do you like mine?
Mrs F x

-ciao bella- said...

awww i love parker posey. she was in "the oh in ohio" and she was absolutely hilarious.

Bergdorf Girl said...

Yes, Parker Posey is literally 'the bomb', hands down my favorite actress, her deadpan sarcasm has no contender. Plus she lives here in lovely NYC where such wit is no doubt fully appreciated! :)

Bergdorf Girl said...

Mrs. F:

Love your blog. LOVE IT!!! Very chic.

xo, BG

Mash said...

love the pictures and the clothes specially the big bag on the second pic . What is the name of the brand please ?

Bergdorf Girl said...


Isn't that bag great?? Its Louis Vuitton. Amazing, right? I know its around 2k...so a bit pricey, but still love it.

The bag Parker (the red one)is carrying is a Marc Jacobs. Similar to the one that Cam Diaz has been carrying as of late as well.


alexgirl said...

i completely love Parker Posey. She rocked in Party Girl.

Anonymous said...

oh my.. that bag... that huge stunning bag.. what can i say.. hello empty wallet..