Meet Joy Gryson, the Creator Behind Gryson Handbags

If you have the chance Friday afternoon (maybe on your lunch-break?), run over to Bloomies and meet Joy Gryson. Joy, who used to work as Director of Design for Marc Jacobs Handbag and Accessorises division, is the fantabulous creator behind Gryson bags, they are newish on the scene, but not shabby at all, beautifully constructed from high quality leather and suede made in Italy. Very covetable indeed. Check out my post that covered Gryson bags from last month.

A fave below:
The 'Heidi' Leather Tote. Available at Bergdorf Goodman.

Meet Joy Gryson
Friday: 11am-2pm
Bloomingdale's-59th Street
1st Floor-Handbags

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