Cynthia Rowley's new collection at Bergdorf Goodman, I approve!

In the past I have been a little afraid of Cynthia Rowley's clothes, for me they were a little girly, too frilly, feminine and light....but this new collection, exclusively online at Bergdorf Goodman is amazing, it has just enough hard edge to please me!!! Great contrast between feminine cuts and drape and definitive lines, which serves the purpose of hardening the softness. My favourites below. Enjoy!

Beaded silk dress. The silk fabric line inlay seems to be a repeated affair in several of the collection pieces. I like the way it creates a theme, unifying a vision.

Sweatshirt dress.

Metallic Silk Dress.

Sleeveless Banded Dress.
I love this dress, and once again the wonderful use of fabric inlay really tempers what could be a very soft look giving it a much more balanced feel. I love, love, love her use of these solid stripes throughout the collection. Such a cool unifying theme.

See the full collection here.

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Anonymous said...

my favorites are the sweatshirt dress and the sleeveless banded dress. they look super comfy.