Invasion of the Brits...MET Costume Institute Gala

Gosh, so much to talk about. Last nights MET Costume Institute Gala....and the dresses!!! And then coming up tomorrow, Kate Moss at Barney's. OMG, it's too much. Starting today there is an ongoing witty commentary by Simon Doonan on the Barneys website. An excerpt below:

"Is she here yet? Is she bringing Pete? Is she going to clamber into the window like she did at the UK launch?...Can I come to the Party and bring my extended family? Oy Veh!!!!!

I have been at Barneys for twenty years and nothing-no store event or opening-has rivaled the insane, frenzied, build-up to the arrival of Kate and her Topshop line. I would put it right up there with the Invasion of the Faukland Islands, and the first episode of AbFab, or at least the launch of the DVD of Abfab."

Geez people, have we forgotten about the other huge, major Brit on the scene, hello: The Queen!!!

Right but anyway, yes back to important things like Topshop. Argh, I can't believe I am actually willingly going to subject myself to the madness that will be tomorrow.

And, my fave five pics from last nights gala:

Cam D. Love how she always contrast colors. Love the turquoise accents with the bright fuchsia.

Scarlett Johanson

Jessica Stam

Mary Kate Olsen

Ashley Olsen

Liv Tyler

And some of the more interesting and creative dresses:
Margherita Missoni

NY Socialites Tinsley Mortimer and Zani Gugelman

Kirsten Dunst

and Miss Anna herself.

TaTa dahlings, have to run.
xo, BG


Jennine said...

i love jessica stam. i dont' know why... but i think she's my new favorite model.

Anonymous said...

that white dress.. ahhh i love it.. so simple with that strinking black belt!!!

Meril said...

Cameron looked great. I think Anna`s dress was a miss.

Bergdorf Girl said...

Actually I toally agree. I think Annas dress is just ugly...I put it up....b/c its her event...so how can I not...

xo, BG