The NYC Launch of Kate Moss for Topshop at Barneys Coop

Whew! What a day.

Soooo, in spite of waking up super early to get into Barneys for their 10am opening time....I didn't end up making it there until 20 minutes after 10...I am not so good at mornings. Things were pretty calm when I entered the store, there were a few reporters out front asking questions of shoppers who had already been in and out...I heard some talk of hype and exorbitant pricing...cashing in, etc.

When the elevator opened on the 7th floor, there was definitely a pronounceable din...and an energy buzz. The Kate Moss collection was clustered around a small space in the middle of the room comprised (at this point at least) of 7 or so racks that were being attacked in a gently chaotic manner. Certainly things were quite civil and not at all madness. Having arrived just a tad too late...I missed out on nearly all the dresses, 'cept for that particular one I was hoping to get (alas I didn't like the way it hung after all) and a chiffon number (see below) that at 200$ was so way overpriced and just not my thing.

The Chiffon 'Tatoo" Dress

The Cowl Neck 'Dress' as terribly photographed by Moi in the dressing room. Hmm looking at it here, I kinda like the time I thought, not worth 115$ and truthfully its not...tho it is cute. Anyway, too late.

The only vest option (and another majorly crummy pic by moi) they had...I snagged one when it was returned to the rack after someone deferred. A button popped off before I even got to try it on, at that price, I was like 'forget it' it was made in China, not such a great indicator of quality workmanship...passed on this one too.

Other than those 2 dresses there was little else in the way of variety, a large number of the 'beater' tanks in white, khaki, pink and black, some short-shorts, a couple of patterned T's, a beaded shirt/dress that no one seemed to be going for (though I thought was cute but pricey and heavy), a few pairs of black skinny jeans and even fewer pairs of blue denim cropped jeans. It really was slim pickings. People seemed to keep hovering around the same 6 racks filled with redundant pieces, waiting for the rare occurrence when someone would return a piece after nixing it. By the time I left the 7 or so racks were down to 4 measly barren racks.

In essence, a rather disappointing affair that fell short in both variety and quantity. The pieces just weren't that interesting or 'new'. I left with a pair of the black skinny jeans but truthfully I already have another black pair from Topshop and I am not so sure these are too different, so they may end up going back. The highlight was probably just seeing all the great outfits that everyone at the turnout was wearing. Certainly they were far better dressed than any of these pieces could ever hope to aspire to.

A very New York event, no one ever looked like they cared too much, just enough to get the goods. Calm aloof mayhem. "Did you want this? Oh no, you take it...." Who me, care? Certainly not. Brilliant, perfectly New York.

For those of you wanting to cash in on a little of the action in farther off places, the following items are still available online at Barneys Coop.

The front display windows had live models with Kate Moss masquerade-type masks over their face, making subtle references to being coy. Maybe that should have been my first indication that like their masks, this event was not quite the real thing.


Anonymous said...

...yes, it was a bit of a let down! (especially the "made in china" bit)

Anonymous said...

this is all very sad. it's alot like the part of 'a christmas story' when ralphie gets the secret code, only to find it's just an ad for ovaltine.