William Sledd = Fun Distraction

Discovered William Sledd this week, too cute. He delivers his fashion sermons, dubbed "Ask a Gay Man: Fashion Edition"..."Hair edition" etc, in a cute southern twang with perfectly coiffed hair on You Tube. Do check out his closet video, boy if I had that kind of time on my hands what I could do!!

Be sure to check out both his website and You Tube Collection.

Sledd has been featured as of late in the LA Times, Elle Magazine, WWD, and in Glamour Mag's Suze Yalof Schwartz's blog.

Tres entertaining.

'Never Wear Overalls':

'Ask a Gay Man: Fashion Edition#5":


theprepster said...

William Sledd is very funny! he's so well dressed...his videoblog clips are very well done, very nice audio visuals!

Fun Distraction said...

Coincidently when I type my site Fun Distraction it happen to come out your site too.

Anonymous said...

William SLedd is being featured on!!! You must check it our... soooo cool!!