Stay Tuned for 'Steal my Clothes'

So I know I have been a bit on the slacker side with posting the last few days, but I have a good excuse, I have been concentrating my efforts on getting my new venture up and ready....stay tuned for the premiere this week of 'Steal my Clothes'.

Like what you see on my blog 'La Blonde C'est Moi'? Then you will love what I have to offer on 'Steal my Clothes'. As I have alluded to in 'LBCM', I am a vintage whore. I adore all things old and glamorous. For most of my life (since I was 11) this has been both a hobby and a part-time gig. I have been gearing up as of late to start plans for either an online boutique or actual shop. This may be some time in the works as space in NYC is both at a premium and tres pricey. For now, I offer you 'Steal My Clothes'. I will be showcasing only things I love and endorse. Some vintage, some more contemporary. Mostly from my personal collection, but also from sample sources and fashion shoots. All cool and of high quality. Items will run the gamut from clothes (dresses, jeans, tops, sweaters etc), Jewelry, Shoes, Bags (but of course!), and some vintage Housewares (Linens, Silver and Silver Plate, China, Glassware and Paintings/Prints). All the ingredients for a glamorous life.

Enjoy and free to contact me at


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Kori (of The Fashion-y Blog) said...

What a good idea! I'm excited for this. I'll be checking your 'Steal My Clothes' blog regularly.