Kate Moss for Topshop 'Pansy Dress' in Da House.

FYI girls:
Stopped by Barneys Coop this Afternoon for like 2 seconds and saw that there was a little replenishment of the KM for TS collection. The dress I did not snag but wanted, the famed "Pansy Dress" is present!!! There are a few size 6's, an 8 and a 10, they ring in at 120$,. Tried the dress on, and surprisingly its really lovely, cut very flatteringly. These additions to stock were shipped in from other Barneys across the US where they did not sell. Get 'em while you can! Literally there were only five there, and they will probably be gone by tomorrow.

OK--have to run. Event uptown in like 3 seconds, madly dashing about trying to get ready.
Ta, BG

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