Elle's 'It List' of Beauty Products from June's Issue

Elle's June issue, which hits newsstands nationwide on May 15, 2007.

Love the shorts J. Biel is wearing. They are such a perfect, flattering length...and not too showy so that you don't spend the whole time wondering if you are part of an indecent exposure!

Elle's Beauty, Body and Health 'It List'—Fruit-Spiked Scents and Juice Lips Give New Meaning to Beach Chic. From DiorPlay’s & Shiseido’ lip glosses, and Givenchy’s & Burberry’s new fragrances, ELLE’s Assistant Beauty Editor, Roopika Nayar, has the update on the latest beach accessories to pack in your summer bag. I for one can't wait to sample Stella McCartney's new limited edition summer fragrance 'Sheer' also featured above! I have heard only amazing things about it....I think it should be out this week, if I'm not mistaken.

P.S. Thank you to Elle's PR people for the advance preview!

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Anonymous said...

omg gold shorts!!! i really love them!! need them..