For Those Wanting Even More on Lipstick Jungle...

Some 'behind the scenes' shots from the pilot of Lipstick Jungle:

Costumer David Robinson designed Victory's 'collection' for the show

In the pilot, Wendy (Shields) is making a last-minute entrance to her friend's fashion show (above).

Bushnell, Shields, and Kim Raver, who plays glossy magazine editor Nico O'Neilly.

Candace Bushnell on the set of LJ

Brooke Shields in the opening scene of LJ.

From a Daily News article back in April:

"Apologizing profusely as she brushes past people's knees, Brooke Shields runs to take her front-row seat at the most anticipated show at New York Fashion Week.

She hugs her friend, takes off her Jackie O sunglasses and settles into a tiny chair next to glamorous "Sex and the City" author Candace Bushnell.

The scene could be straight out of Shields' everyday life but the digital clapperboard, booms and bustling TV crew a few feet away reveal it's actually the star's latest acting gig.

Bushnell is playing herself, just for kicks, in a cameo role in the TV pilot for "Lipstick Jungle," based on her fourth novel...

The story follows the fortunes of three female power brokers from the Big Apple who must keep ahead of their rivals, all while dealing with irksome domestic issues such as spoiled kids, lazy husbands or boy-toy lovers.

They're a decade older than the popular "Sex and the City" quartet and face challenges that make Carrie's heartbreaking pursuit of Mr. Big seem like a pleasant diversion.

Shields' Wendy Healy is a top-flight movie executive desperate to nab an Oscar. Kim Raver, of "24" fame, plays Nico O'Neilly, editor-in-chief of a glossy magazine who is fighting off cutthroat rivals while conducting a raunchy affair.

Lindsay Price ("Pepper Dennis" and "Coupling") completes the trio as unmarried fashion designer Victory Ford, whose new collection is badly received.

The fashion show set was built for the program's opening scene, in which Victory puts the final touches to her models before they take the runway.

NBC has invested millions of dollars in the project - with a big budget for elaborate stage sets, flamboyant outfits and plenty of extras.

Shooting the pilot in New York was a no-brainer because the city is featured so prominently in the book.

Shields, who was born in Manhattan and has a second home in the city, caused a logjam in Central Park as on-lookers watched her rowing across the lake in front of the Boathouse restaurant.

And then there was pandemonium in the lingerie department at Bloomingdale's when filming ran long and customers started to pour in as the store opened at 10 a.m."

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