Olsen 'Pic' of the Day: Mary-Kate in LA with Beau Max...Rocking the Long Scarf and Prada Fringe Bag

Mary-Kate in LA yesterday with beau Max.

Love the long scarf look. Adore the faded black skinnies..I think they have zippers, which is doubly cool (and also makes them possible to get on, while still giving you the max thinness at the ankle!). Love aviator Ray-Bans (these are the smaller frame version) but not such a fan of the blue/purple tinted lens... and speaking of I have a few pairs of Ray Ban Wayfarers to feature on Steal my Clothes! Also, personally, have never been a huge fan of the upper arm cuff...I just think its uncomfortable and looks weird. She's still working the strappy sandal/heels and Prada fringe purse. Me: not so much buying into the fringe trend...its never been much my style, looks cute on her though.


rollergirl said...

Oh me too, I hate fringing. Like aviators though. (Does anyone else get excited when they're the first person to comment? Or is it just me?)

Anonymous said...

honestly, I can't even imagine myself wearing heels like those just casual. I have to walk at work so much in those that I have totally inoff :D

Anonymous said...

Especially when those heals weigh more than her ! She always has cute aviators and Wayfarer Sunglasses!